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Our Mission

The Two Rivers Coalition, Inc. is a citizen based group working to protect the health of the Black River and Paw Paw River Watersheds through conservation, education, and advocacy.


Our Vision

Clean rivers and lakes. 












Water is essential to human life and to the health of the environment.  Our streams, rivers and lakes are an important part of the landscape.  Groundwater is an important water resource that serves as a source of drinking water for the more than 100,000 persons living in and sharing the resources of our local watersheds.  Water provides ecosystem habitats, is used for farming, fishing and industrial process and contributes to recreation and tourism.   Our water resources are of major environmental, social and economic value; if water quality becomes degraded this resource will lose its value.  In short, water quality and quality of life are inseparable.  Land use and land cover largely determine whether or not water quality will be sustained for us and for future generations.  It behooves us all to take great care.

         Dave Foerster, President (2009-2013)

         Two Rivers Coalition, Inc.


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