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Paw Paw River Odyssey 2010

River Miles

Click here to a see map of progress.

LocationLeg MilesDistance from BeginningDate Completed
Paw Paw - 51st St - Maple Lake Dam0.00.0 
Couty Road 6652.82.822-Aug
Junction of N Branch & S Branch2.25.0 
40th St1.06.029-Aug
44th Ave3.79.719-Sep
46th/45th St2.312.0 
48th Ave 2.614.626-Sep
Lawrence - CR 215 - N Paw Paw St4.519.1  3-Oct
54th St2.521.6 
County Road 6814.325.9 
59 1/2 St - Butcher Road2.027.9  9-Oct
Hartford CR 687 - 64th St4.932.8 10-Oct
Van Buren Trail State Park2.935.7 
67 1/2 St0.436.1 
County Line Road (70th St)3.639.7 
Ma-n-Pa's at M-1401.941.6 16-Oct
Watervliet - City Park2.744.3 
Coloma - Paw Paw Lake Rd3.347.6 
Deerfield Road0.948.5 
Bundy Road3.652.1 24-Oct
Coloma Road2.354.4 30-Oct
End of Airport Runway6.362.7 
Paw Paw Ave1.364.0 
North Shore Drive0.664.6 
Benton Harbor - Confluence w/ St Joe River1.466.0 7-Nov