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Black River Watershed

The larger watershed is divided into 11 sub watersheds shown in map below. More details are provided in the left menu for each sub watershed.

black_river_waterhshed_sign_300.jpgWatershed Overview

530 miles of rivers, streams and drains 

2 counties, 13 townships, 3 cities, 2 villages

287 square miles, 183,490 acres

43.8% lies in Allegan County; 56.2% lies in Van Buren County

43 named lakes; 35 lakes 10 acres or larger; over 500 small, unnamed lakes and ponds

Lakes in the watershed are generally either mesotrophic (having moderate nutrient levels) or eutrophic (having excessive nutrients)

65%-85% of the watershed's wetlands have been converted to other uses

Sandy soils in the watershed make groundwater vulnerable to pollution

17 register dams - 11 privately owned, 4 local government owned, 2 state owned

Fun Fact: To cover this watershed with just one inch of rain requires 4,987,646,720 gallons of water.



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