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Paw Paw River Watershed

The larger watershed is divided into 15 sub watersheds shown in map below. More details are provided in the left menu for each sub watershed.

paw_paw_river_watershed_sign_300_1.jpgWatershed Overview 

145 miles of Paw Paw River and major tributaries 

3 counties, 25 townships, 4 villages, 6 cities, 1 tribe

446 square miles (285,557 acres) of land 

About 80,000 people live in the watershed

56% of the watershed drains to COLD water streams

44% of the watershed drains to WARM or COOL waterbodies

78 lakes (10 acres or larger)

50% of presettlement wetland area lost

62% wetland functionality loss

Threatened and Endangered Species - 23 animals, 46 plants, 7 communities, 1 Great Blue Heron Rookery 

22 registered dams

Fun Fact: To cover this watershed with just one inch of rain requires 7,750,837,760 gallons of water.

This page last updated on 3/20/2023.

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