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Articles from the Watersheds

Stop polluting and be someone who improves the environment

April 28, 2010 - Kalamazoo Gazette Letters to the Editor

Have you ever wondered why people in the world who don't have running water are getting sick and dying? It is because of polluted water. Water pollution is when chemicals get into lakes and rivers or even groundwater.

I am a seventh grade student attending Mattawan Middle school and I have always wondered what the cause of water pollution is and how it can affect us. I did some research on it and thought that I would inform other people about how it's caused and how it affects people and animals.

Water pollution is a very serious issue. It can kill plants, fish and animals. Water pollution is bad for the environment and can influence global warming. Everyday things that people do in cities are things that contribute to water pollution. For example, dumping paint or oils down the drain is really bad because the chemicals can seep into the groundwater that you drink. Throwing trash on the roads may cause that trash to wash into lakes or rivers.

We can do things to reduce water pollution. Watch what you throw down drains. Don't litter the road, forests, or other natural habitats. Be aware of what other people around you do. The Earth is not going to get cleaned up unless someone starts cleaning it up. Be that someone.

Hannah Walker/Mattawan


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